Meatless Monday-Stuffed Mushrooms

Nov 2012
How exciting to see that Meatless Monday has gone official in LA! The voluntary participation is a great step in the meatless direction, and I applaud the effort. The story was featured on NBC news LA this morning. Statistics show that more than 1/2 of Los Angeles County are obese or overweight. So not only is this good for the environment, anyone that jumps on board will reap the health benefits as well.

I am famous {in my mind’s eye} for using my family to test out new recipes. Sometimes with great success, sometimes not so much… Instead of having them be guinea pigs this Thanksgiving, I thought I would give a test run to a delicious looking recipe I found over at Eat Boutique. These stuffed mushrooms did not disappoint.

I varied the recipe by using portobellos, I love their rich meaty texture, and we were having them as an entre. I am sure when I stuff regular mushrooms with the delicious combo of seasonal chestnuts, leeks, apple and manchego, they will make a yummy appetizer as well.
Ok-one item crossed off my T-day to do list!