Meatless Monday & A Sandwich to Take You Around the World

Nov 2013
Do you know Green Kitchen Stories? It’s a wonderful healthy vegetarian recipe blog with photography that will knock your socks off.  When they recently posted the recipe for a sandwich inspired from a French deli located in Sweden made with an Italian cheese paired with a secret Chilean pebre sauce, I knew this was a Meatless Monday sammy for every travel lover reading Green With Renvy.Didn’t I tell you the photos are divine?? One of the things I miss most since I stopped eating meat is a good sandwich.  When tomatoes are in season, of course I can always get by with avocado, tomato & arugula with a spicy mustard.  But off season, I always find myself searching.  By the looks of it, my search might just be over.  This special sauce David  has created sounds like it just might have the makings of a perfect Pebre and Taleggio Rye Sandwich.  I’ll be testing it soon and let you know the results.

Do you have any secret weapons for the perfect meatless sandwich?
And PS – yes I know cheese made with rennet doesn’t technically qualify, but I am not that strict and it does work for me.  We all have to make our own choices.

Photo courtesy of Green Kitchen Stories