Meatless Monday-Pizza Night

Apr 2011

One of our favorite meals is Pizza night.  It is the easiest meal with wonderful, tasty results.  The idea that everyone can make their own pizza with an assortment of toppings is a winner in my house.  I have used lots of dough recipes but my foolproof one is No-Knead Pizza dough from Jim Lahey. In a pinch, feel free to use ready made pizza dough, Whole Foods has an excellent whole wheat crust in their refrigerator section. { bottom right photo of mushroom variation}

Once dough is divided, dust pizza board with cornmeal and start stretching and shaping….make sure both sides have plenty of cornmeal or dough will stick.  You will need metal tongs, metal spatula and brush for the oil.

  • Oil grill grates before starting grill. Once grill reaches 425 degrees(med/high) place dough on grill.
  • Cover top and let cook for about 5 minutes{check after 3 minutes}, bottom of pizza will have dark grate marks. Pop all bubbles {kids love to do this} and brush top with oil before flipping.
  • After flipping you must work fast and add all your ingredients and cover for another 5 minutes.  {timing will vary depending on thickness of dough and heat of the grill.}….it is so crispy and delicious!

Many thanks to Adrian Proll of Restyleogy for sharing this post with my readers.