Meatless Monday on Pinterest

Aug 2013
I recently was invited to join a great group of bloggers on the Meatless Monday Pinterest board.  If you are new to Green With Renvy, you might not be familiar with the organization. I’ve been posting a meatless recipe {almost}every Monday since I started blogging.   They are a non-profit health initiative, encouraging people around the world to go meatless one day a week for their health and the health of the planet! 

From Jill Crusenberry and Savory Sweet  & Spicy  Shakshuka, a delicious combo of onions, peppers and poached eggs originating during the Ottoman Empire.

This makes it pretty easy to find yourself a delicious tested recipe for Meatless Monday {or any other day of the week!} Here are a few that I’m going to try.

Hungry Healthy Happy offers up a Vegan burito bowl filled with all the goodness of summer.

Just the words forbidden rice sounds like i’m traveling in a foreign country.  Good enough reason to try this exotic sounding recipe from The Foodie Journal.

I like my summer fruits in a crumble, but give me a vegetable pie or tart anyday! Simple and satisfying, this layered combo comes again from the Foodie Journal.

Sweet and Spicy Peperonata is a good recipe for anyone tohave in their arsenal.  Over  bread with a little farmer’s cheese, over cous cous or polenta.  This is one versatile dish from Ezra Pound Cake.

You know I’ve been searching for a perfect veggie burger for some time now.  I think this one from Ezra Pound Cake looks like it could be in the running.  I’ll let you know how I make out.

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