Meatless Monday-Italian Spaghetti Squash

Oct 2011
I’ve introduced you to Suerae Stein over at RedBarnArtworks before.  She is one of the most sincere people I’ve met during my short journey into the blogosphere.  Her description of squash made me laugh out loud,{could be because I have an overactive gag reflex} and we can all use a good giggle right??  I had never made spaghetti squash before.  Couldn’t quite believe that it was really like spaghetti.  Well, in my opinion, you do need to use your imagination a bit, but the recipe is every bit as good as she claims.
Italian Spaghetti Squash!

Spaghetti Squash via Red Barn Artworks

So, if there is one thing that belonging to a local garden CSA has done for me it is to force me to find recipes that make a food I normally won’t go near edible. The case of the spaghetti squash is a perfect example. But this recipe goes far beyond edible. I can honestly say that it is delicious. So good that I am not eating the leftovers as a side to a meal – they are the meal. I have been eating this spaghetti squash for lunch. That’s right, this spaghetti squash is now part of my main leftover lunch menu. And I love leftover lunches.
Many squashes make me gag. It stems from some form of mashed squash that I was forced to eat as a kid. I have no idea what kind of squash that was, but the visual that it conjures makes me cringe. And I can still taste it. Something about that squash flavor. Well, guess what? None of that icky squash flavor is in this spaghetti squash recipe… Click here for the downloadable recipe from Suerae.
Thanks Suerae and enjoy everyone.