Meatless Monday-Inspiration

Jun 2011

I’m taking a little different venue today for my Meatless Monday post.  The Meat Lover’s Meatless Cookbook  is written by Kim O’Donnel, a self-confessed carnivore. {click on her link to hear an interview}  Her book gives us “satisfying suppers that mirror the incremental approach popularized by the Meatless Monday campaign.”  For me, it is the perfect solution when cooking for those in the family who are meatlovers.

Now that Meatless Monday has hit the 50% recognition mark, its time to introduce the other half of our population to the concept.  Kim O’Donnel’s book is a perfect source to accomplish this.  My inspiration today sends out a big thank-you to @jandev for guiding me to the Practically Green web site, where the delicious recipe for Downright Crab Shackey Crab Cakes w/ Chickpeas started this post.  Thanks Jan!