Meatless Monday in India

Dec 2013
Being a vegetarian in India is a gift for the frequent traveler. Fresh fruits and vegetables are around every corner, and Indian food is one of my favorites. Every restaurant has pages of veg offerings. I just make sure to follow the advice of renowned infectious disease Doc and friend Wink Weinberg on safely eating street food: “peel it, boil it or forget it.” I wasn’t surprised to learn that some of the earliest recorded history of vegetarianism comes from here in the 6th century BC and that there are over 200 million vegetarians in India.
The variety of fresh spices was really educational. Above fresh turmeric sits next to ginger. I now regularly add a thumbs worth of numeric to all my smoothies. I love the healing properties and spicy flavor.
Fruits and vegetable galore in an India market.
Everyone in the market place was eager to have us taste different things-proud of their displays and welcoming us into their world. Food here shapes the personality, mood and mind of a person-the people truly believe ‘YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!’