Meatless Monday-Fresh and Local on Nantucket

Sep 2012
It’s pretty easy to eat fresh, local and great tasting food on Nantucket. For this Meatless Monday I prepared some sea scallops and just picked vegetables from Bartlett’s Farm. Doesn’t get much simpler, nor tasty.
Fishing boat in Nantucket harbor
Fishing Boat in Nantucket Harbor

We usually grill scallops, put I’ve been wanting to try and get that delicious pan seared crust I’ve been seeing in photos.
Sea scallops ready to be pan seared.

Armed with salt, pepper and butter, I seared away, and was pretty pleased with the results. They took about 10 minutes to cook, and filled the kitchen with a salty, sweetness that I normally wouldn’t get with the grill. Combined with fresh field tomatoes, corn off the cob and roasted delicata squash, we couldn’t have asked for a better taste profile!
Seared scallops and fresh tomotoes and corn

Do you have a favorite way to cook sea scallops?