Confetti Pasta Meatless Monday

May 2014

I recently had a discussion on twitter about red velvet cupcakes and dye, leading up to why it was so important to read labels and check what was coloring the food we eat and feed our families.  When I came across this colorful pasta, I was skeptical to say the least.

meatless monday confetti pasta

Since I needed a special dish for a birthday celebration, I was thrilled to learn that this confetti pasta Meatless Monday ingredient was colored with beets, paprika, spinach, turmeric, paprika and squid ink.  All the good stuff-and pretty to boot!


This made my cooking for the evening pretty easy.  The carnivores could have a burger and everyone would be happy with this dish that screams Let’s Celebrate My Daughter’s Birthday!


  • 9 oz bag confetti pasta colored with natural ingredients
  • 1 c. fresh spring peas
  • 1 c. corn cut off the cob
  • 2 med. roasted beets, cut into bite size pieces
  • 1/4 c. fresh chopped chives
  • EVOO
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1/4 c. grated parmesan cheese

Cook pasta according to directions.  Gently toss in the rest of the ingredients, adding oil to cover lightly.  Adjust seasonings and Enjoy!


Happy Meatless Monday-have a great week…

I happened upon this pasta at HomeGoods, but there’s no telling how long it will be there.  Sapori Antichi is available on Amazon.

  1. Lee Briggs says:

    It’s always good to see natural coloring for food rather than some artificial additives.
    Plus all of those ingredients add a little more flavor to the product as well.
    You didn’t mention how it tasted but I bet it was good!

  2. noel says:

    Very colorful, I’m not familiar with EVOO, what is that? Pasta like that to me says I wan’t a lot of cream and cheese please.

  3. Good to know that it’s coloured by natural ingredients rather than anything artificial. And looks so healthy, too, having such a colourful plate in front of you like that! 🙂

  4. Wow Alison, that’s lovely and colourful and what’s more pretty simple! A great celebration of food and a Happy Birthday feeling too.

  5. That looks really, really good Alison! We frequently eat pasta dishes though I ahve to admit that we usually add chicken or another meat, but this looks like a really great option which is healthy.

    Thanks for sharing all of the ingredients and how to make this because I think I will pass this along to Heather and see if we can concoct something like this – love the colour as well!

    • alison says:

      That’s the thing I love about this kind of dish. With the addition of a protein, it really becomes a one dish meal. Enjoy!