Meatless Monday-A Child on the Other Side of the Divide…

Oct 2011

I grew up a child of hard core carnivores.  Most of my extended family remains there today.  I’ve introduced my parents to a few of my favorite vegetarian recipes, and the majority were greeted with an open mind and satisfied taste buds.  But they remain with two feet firmly planted in a world of meat.  I will say, at the very least, they are more aware. During a recent get together, I was the lucky guest at one of their favorite Nantucket haunts-The Westmoor.  What a pleasant surprise to find that the management and chef were in total support of environmental and responsible agriculture.  They are quite proud to be able to trace the journey of the food they serve.  My delicious meal consisted of:

  • Fluke Salad-Fluke is from a day boat fishery on Nantucket in the Cord of the Bay. Greens are from Bartlett’s Farm, the island’s oldest {since the early 1800’s} and largest family owned farm.

2westmoor oyster

  • A Sweet Neck Oyster from a floating shellfish operation in Edgartown, MA.

3westmoor squid

  • Grilled Calamari Salad-from Point Judith, Rhode Island with arugula greens again from Bartletts, and local Portuguese toast points to sop up all the yummy bits.

Of course there was some organic and free range meat at the table, but we’re not going there!  My meal was a feast for the senses, just as delicious tasting as it was visually pleasing.  It was especially satisfying for me to know that no matter what everyone was eating, it supported environmentally, sustainable farming.

Photos via Alison Abbott for Green With Renvy