Pinterest Meatless Monday Recipes

Jan 2015
Mondays…they seem to come around faster and faster, especially in the dreary dark days of winter.  My go to web spot for visual mealtime inspiration is Pinterest.  In the Meatless Monday category, there are hundreds of boards to peruse and find recipes.  The official board for the organization has a lot of creative people adding pins on a regular basis from spots around the world.  {myself included}. Come join in the Pinterest Meatless Monday recipe movement.

You can visit me there, and find my GreenWith Renvy board filled with recipes from the blog posts I have shared.  The photos I’ve posted are all family tested,  and kid approved, so rest assured, it’s a recipe that works.  Follow me and every time I post a new meal , if you choose, you’ll get an alert. Recipes and photos  delivered-problem solved.
Just search Meatless Monday and you’ll be amazed at all the selections that pop up.  If you’ve already jumped on the Pinterest train, create your own board for MM, support the once a week movement. Let me know about it.  I’d love to follow you back and learn from what your kitchen has to offer!
Going meatless once a week is a great way to work towards a more sustainable lifestyle. With delicious inspiration, you and your family will never miss the meat!
Do you use Pinterest? What are your inspiration boards? Let me know in the comments along with your user name. Follow Green With Renvy and introduce yourself.