Meatless Monday and The Mushroom Croquettes

Jul 2013
Mushroom Croquettes are on the agenda this week for Meatless Monday.  They are a bit time consuming, but oh so delicious! Especially if you get a burger craving every once and a while like I do.

I served them with a summer succotash, one  of my go to summer salads.  Although I like to use fresh whenever possible, the reason this one is a staple in my kitchen is because it’s pretty darn good even when you use frozen vegetables.  {perfect for time crunched meals} Corn, lima beans or edamame, tomatoes, feta and your favorite vinaigrette. 

The Croquettes are from one of my favorite plant based cookbooks-Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Kitchen, and as long as you remember to make time to soak the nuts {several hours} it’s a breeze to make.  You can dress it up and savor it on a bun, or to keep it really healthy, use one of your favorite leaves for a wrap.  Tahini or a cashew cream with some zip from capers and  sriracha sauce make a perfect addition for the top.   

You can find the recipe as well as a video from the charming and energetic Donna from Donna and Tora taking you through the process.  Let me know how you make out and enjoy!
  1. Donna says:

    Thanks for including a link to our mushroom croquette cooking video! LOVE your photography, love your blog 🙂 Donna