Meatless Monday and Green Kitchen Stories

Apr 2013
By now you know that my Meatless Monday posts cover the spectrum.  Recipes, cookbook reviews, farm to table, if its about going meatless it has a welcome place at the table.  Today I am super excited to share with you the new cookbook from one of my favorite blogs-Green Kitchen Stories.

Written by David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl, with a bit of help from daughter Elsa, the blog is a bonanza of healthy vegetarian recipes using whole grains and organic products. From the start, his art direction background and her obsession with healthy, simple living are on stage in their book. Featuring over 100 recipes, many unique to the book, and a few favorites from the blog, you’ll be as smitten by the photos as you are with the recipes.  Taking their inspiration from around the globe, David and Luise say they have also  “thrown in a little bit of our Scandinavian heritage into this book.  A classic dark Danish rye bread, a Swedish hash pan, a cold Danish berry soup, a curried egg salad, a mouthwatering pancake cake and delicious thin crisp bread.  Always with our own healthy twist.”  Sounds to me like they’ve chosen some of the best Scandinavian culture has to offer. Divided into mornings, light meals, family dinners and a section describing what every green pantry shouldn’t be without, it reflects their lifestyle and artistic aesthetic.

The Green Kitchen Cookbook from Green Kitchen Stories on Vimeo.

The teaser video gives you a slice into one of their meals, perfectly capturing what the The Green Kitchen is all about. I feel like I chose the right time to adopt a meat free diet.  There have been so many wonderful cookbooks released since I dove in three years ago, even my family has hardly had time to notice.  Delicious recipes make the choice an easy one to maintain, and this addition to my library will likely be cooked from cover to cover. The US version is called Vegetarian Everyday and will be released on April 30. I hope they’ll be making a tour stop in Boston!

Photo and video shared with permission from Green Kitchen Stories