Meatless Monday and An Abundance of Eggs

Apr 2013
Looking for ways to use up all of those hard boiled eggs from the weekend? Fresh asparagus is calling for them as a chopped topping, a savory vegetable tart could use up a few, but my favorite is good old deviled eggs.

There are many variations on this theme, adding pickles, capers, chopped onion to name a few. They always seem so old fashioned to me, but every time I make them for either a side with chef salad, or for an appetizer, they are always the first thing to disappear.

I think people travel back in time a bit when they see the familiar yellow oval; deviled eggs definitely make me think of my teenage years, and Mom’s cooking.

So mix them up with a little yogurt and mustard, add chopped pickles, and decorate with a bit of paprika and some greens. We’re having another side of crostini with roasted tomatoes, goat cheese and a balsamic drizzle. I wouldn’t exactly call it a cleansing meal after Easter, but combined with a salad, it’s easy on the eyes and the palate after a busy weekend, and a light, simple meal for this Meatless Monday.