Mama Mia-Technology!

Oct 2011

Buon Giorno
I am writing this post from 36,000 ft somewhere over Newfoundland. I’ve missed my technology, but it was very refreshing to be almost totally unplugged for 10 days. My kids couldn’t do it, my husband couldn’t either. So I’m feeling rather proud of myself. Truth be told, I know if I had an iPad, {hint, hint Santa} I would have been just as linked up as the rest of them. I really missed blogging and connecting with my readers.
My love affair with my iPhone however, continued to blossom in Italy. It was terrific for taking photos, referring to downloaded travel guides, and the occasional game of suduko.{but not the internet}
As much as I adore travel, it always feels good to come back to my nest. So it’s Arrivederchi Italia. I hope you’ll enjoy visiting thru Green With Renvy some of the delightful places I’ve been.