Magic Carpet Ride

Jun 2011
Marcia Nolte, Stijn van der Vleuten and Bob Waardenburg mix traditional skills with modern concepts to create Temporary Contemporary Carpets.
2wemakecarpets forest
The artists, based in The Netherlands, use ordinary, disposable materials, and repurpose them in extraordinary ways.   Pine cones, berries, leaves, pods and needles combine into the Forest Carpet above. Below, green and beige army men make an interpretive statement about our consumer society.
3wemakecarpets army-carpet-detail-3-web 4wemakecarpets army-carpet
6wemakecarpets-paperclipcarpet 5wemakecarpets-paperclipcarpet-detail3
Paper clips appear to defy gravity and waterfall down the stairs into an elegant runner with a silky feel.  Below, pasta in many forms are combined in graphic repetition.
7wemakecarpets pasta detail 8wemakecarpets pasta_geheel
Decorative carpets represent one of the earliest forms of graphic design and applied art. It is exciting to see this contemporary spin on such an ancient textile medium. Does it make you think of carpets in a new way?
All photos via We Make Carpets