Mad Men Cocktail Inspiration

Jun 2012

Yes, you might think ‘what rock have you been living under‘ , but I’m probably one of the last people in the country to fall head over heals for Mad Men. The costumes, the cocktails, the decor, I now know what all the hub bub was about! So, I’m just starting season two, and the combination of the alcohol pumping characters with this heat wave – well, I’m positively smitten with vintage and retro glasses from the period. Cocktails anyone….

This winning set from Daily General is cooling on site. Don Draper has mixed a batch of cocktails in the pitcher, ice is in the bowl, and fruit artfully arranged in the very groovy attachment. {i think Betty might have had a hand in that} Aqua ombré anyone?

The setting of this find is definitely more lemonade then martini, but I couldn’t resist the lovely feel. Turquoise is so HOT this year, and these fabulous Vintage glasses and matching pitcher were made by the Blendo Co of West Virgina in the 1950’s and 60’s. Notice the 22K gold glaze on the rim of the glasses and around the neck of the pitcher. Some things just never go out of style! $32.99 from ask me decor

Retro aqua and lavender Blendo ensemble, perfect for summer entertaining! This set includes eight (8) glasses, an ice bucket and carrying caddy. I love the ombre coloring – so chic and summery! Behind the Orange Door offering at $70.00.

Gorgeous set of six lavender frosted Blendo glasses with gold rims from Dear Macy Vintage. $38.00

I know what’s on my search list for Brimfield in July. Are we properly chilled and shaken yet?