Local and Creative-The Seasonal Bouquet Project

Aug 2013
I had one of those moments- wow, WOW when I discovered The Seasonal Bouquet Project. Two designers, two farms, two coasts, and one double dog dare.

Don’t you agree that Erin Benzakein and Jennie Love are two incredibly talented ladies. The Buy Local Movement has made huge progress with its campaign to increase awareness, but usually the focus is in reference to farmer’s markets, or food in restaurants.  These women are proving that seasonal and fresh can apply to the flower market as well.

Sweet peas galore-be still my heart…

Working on opposite coasts of the country, they have challenged themselves {each other} to create beautiful, lush arrangements by selecting materials grown within 25 miles of their backyards.  Keep in mind that they are floral designers by trade, and have extensive cutting gardens pretty much out their back doors, but their aesthetic is inspiring.

Erin of Floret {above} , runs a small organic flower farm and design studio in the Skagit Valley of Washington state. Jennie of Love ‘n Fresh Flowers {below}, has her own little piece of organic paradise outside of Philadelphia.

Then there’s the second half of the story, the amazing let down….

I have a Philadelphia trip planned for the fall, and The Seasonal Bouquet is offering an amazing two day workshop which would have coincided with it beautifully.  In a barn, flowering farm, hands on, tools, like minds, talent, dinner in a field.  It sounded divine, and made my heart race even more than those gorgeous sweet peas  But alas, it is sold out.  So this local flower concept filled me up with inspiration, and then pulled the rug out.

For now, I will have to settle for the creative inspiration.  I will try my hand at putting together my own local arrangement a la The Seasonal Bouquet with some flowers from Nantucket.  Stay tuned, i’ll have it up next week.