A Little Indian Eye Candy-Curtesy Mother Nature

Feb 2012
The flowers on display in every destination have been nothing short of extraordinary. I was told again and again that if I think this is stunning, I should see it after the monsoon season when everything is in bloom. Hard to believe this eye candy could get much better! Imagine if this was the selection of garden flora you awoke to every morning. Oh, la la …
Angel’s Trumpet-Brugmansia
Crab’s Claw-Heliconia
Water Hyacinth-Eichhornia
Indian Clock Vine-Thunbergia Mysorensis
I recognize the water hyacinths, but will have to do some research to find out the names of the others. Can anyone give me a head start on what these lovelies are called?  Thank you all so much for sending along the information-now just looking for the bottom mystery photo!