Let There Be Light

Feb 2011

Eco-Friendly lighting  has come a long way in recent years.  Super efficient LED bulbs and one touch control systems that systematically acess various sections of a house are just two of the recent updates.  I recently retrofitted a project with  fabulous nightlights that installed into existing sockets and eliminated the need for more invasive electrical work. Well planned lighting can make or break the efficiency and overall design of a room. The bulb however, is just a part of the story.

Light from Szuszanna

 Exciting artists and designers are incorporating  and upcycling everything from metal baskets to plastic waterbottles.This vintage blue mason jar pendant light is from the Szuszanna shop on Etsy.

Reta & Vana Howell Lighting

 Sisters Reta and Vana Howell of This Gallery collect the water and soda bottles formerly destined for landfill and use a unique fusion process to harden the plastic and make their lights durable.

Reta & Vana Howell Lighting

Depending on the finished size, they use between 50 and 100 bottles in each fixture. I especially love the sea anemone feeling of this pomegranate pendant.

Cisco Brothers Lighting

 Cisco Brothers combines various metal into a basket like chandelier.  The rope used for hanging maintains the wonderful rustic feel.

Metamorphosi Glass Lighting

 Metamorphosi has recruited friends to collect hundreds of mineral water bottles from a slow food restaurant and gallery outside Rome.  Working in a small medieval village in Italy, the bottles are cut and polished into rings forming the lights structure.  I can only imagine the lovely sound this light would make with a soft breeze coming in the window.