Let Me Introduce You-Flow Magazine

Nov 2012
Yesterday, I spend most of the afternoon propped on pillows, Ipad in hand.  After a routine medical procedure that let’s just say involved a lot of prep {and if you’ve been there, you know exactly what I’m talking about. How much more quickly the hours pass when you’re travelling on the internet. While I wouldn’t say it was a pleasure to be there, it was perhaps a luxury to spend my time visiting so many new sites.
Here is one I’d like to share with you.

Flow, a wonderful magazine from the Netherlands, recently launched internationally, and is now available in the States.  Their mission statement Simplify Your Life, Feel Connected, Live Mindfully , Spoil Yourself is in sync with what I believe here at Green With Renvy. So, if you love paper, illustrations, graphic design and working towards following your passion, take a peek.
Fans of Uppercase Magazine, which I think has a similar audience, will find lots of articles and visuals to enjoy.  Appealing to the more esoteric side of the creative process, Flow is another source of inspiration for those of us walking the path to finding your bliss.