Laundry Room Eco Update

Apr 2012

This laundry room update was a joy for me to design; my only parameters were to make it as eco-friendly as possible and keep it on the very small budget.  The room was constructed from an existing closet and part of a hallway, expanding the space to 6’ X 7’.

We incorporated a clerestory window with the adjacent bathroom to give natural light in both directions depending on the location of the sun.  Both rooms can now be used during the day without turning on the lights.  An old desk top was cut down and up-cycled into the counter top for the sink area, leaving lots of room for eco friendly laundry supplies and a drying rack when needed. Energy efficient appliances cut down on water and gas consumption.

laundry room paint2

A pocket door closes off the room when the appliances are in use to cut down on noise, while still allowing light.  Two complimentary colors of Benjamin Moore ben paint were used.  Low odor, and low VOC, it offers a great value and high performance, making it one of my favorite paints.  Lots of vintage accessories were incorporated.  The floor has  vintage clam and olive brining buckets to hold cleaning supplies.  Flea market found tins hide clothes pins and collar stays that are removed from shirts during laundering {and now not lost}. An antique hand made lace blouse has a home on a clothes line of bakery twine.  Finally the recycled glass tiles bring a modern edge and colorful punch to the small space. When a  bright and airy small space works efficiently and is visually pleasing, it’s amazing how doing laundry is no longer considered a chore.