The King of Cardboard Design

Mar 2012
Giles Miller, the British designer known for his use of recycled materials, has taken the use of cardboard in Eco-design to a new level. After reading an article in a popular design magazine that shifted the onus for saving the planet into the hands of politicians, he decided to demonstrate the impact designers could have in sustainable design.
The limitations of working in green materials are only in the mind of the creator. An initial university project about homelessness sequed into the design of a bed platform made from corrugated cardboard, and the rest, as they say, is history. Miller uses only cardboard that is recycled or obtained from sustainable managed forests. All of his waste from projects is reused.
Giles Miller Wardrobe
The range of products in his collection is impressive. Everything from handbags, to chairs to grandfather clocks. The glass he designed for Bombay gin {above} is quite remarkable. All are treated with a water-repellant finish to make them resistant to water. Miller wants his designs to influence others in the limitless nature of working with Eco-friendly materials. He has made an impressive start to accomplishing that goal, and proves that working with eco-friendly materials is anything but boring!

All photos via Giles Miller