Jungle Trail Inspiration {Part 2}

Apr 2011

One doesn’t have to travel far along historic Jungle Trail in Vero Beach, Fl. to find additional inspiration for home decor.

A. The oyster shells have a beautiful sheen to them. Many companies make items with shells. A chandelier or mirror can have big impact in a neutral room.  Likewise on the side table picking up the bright pumpkin from inside the shell.
B. Bougainvillea is one of my all time favorite exterior flowers in the south.  It seems to have the ability to grow anywhere, as I’ve seen in covering decaying structures in Mexico and thriving from benign neglect! The fuchsia color is the main event, especially in a hot climate.
C.  Green is always a winner.  I was especially taken with the pattern on the trunk of the tree and was reminded of it with this light fixture.
D. This was a funky piece of metal along the shore,  aged to a beautiful patina.  The gunite paperweight picks up the metallic idea, the color suggestion influences the other pieces.