Jungle Trail Inspiration {part 1}

Mar 2011

I am often asked, ‘Where do you get your ideas?’.   While my answer could be ‘anywhere’, more often then not, they come from my environment.  Whether I am traveling, or out and about in my hometown, Mother Nature seems to be a winner when it comes to giving me ideas.  Today I took a ride down historic Jungle Trail {more later on the Vero Beach experience} just to illustrate the concept.  Everywhere i looked there was something in my surroundings that was inspirational and adaptable to home decor.

A. Orange trees-The inspiration doesn’t have to be literal. The color orange is a wonderful accent.
B. Driftwood-Shades of  grey are an au courant neutral; driftwood accessories always work near the water!
C. Palm Fronds-A classic fabric design, and the sage green is a great tone to bring the environment indoors.
D. Coral-The shape of this underwater plant against the sand backdrop reminded me of coral and all the wonderful ways you can accessorize with it.