Jumping In

Jan 2011


Tools of the Trade

I’ve been trying to do this for months, and along the way come up with a million excuses. I try to learn one more thing about gadgets before I jump in.Why do we need another blog about design, specifically Green Design. Why when there are so many successful bloggers out there, is this something I want to get involved with? Just today I stumbled on the site for The Altitude Design Summit  held in Salt Lake City and viewed the incredible list of brilliant speakers and then thought-Why Not?  I’ve always been a DIY optimist and i’m awfully curious as to what all the fuss is about.  What better way to learn then by doing! I think I have a unique point of view and most importantly I think all of you fans out there will want to see what I’ve been up to…Ok, a bit of a fantasy, but just maybe you’ll jump on board after reading a few insights. I’m hoping being a rookie and more than a little “green” will allow me to plow forward and go down lots of different avenues.  The process is always about learning and as I travel, Green with Renvy will hold me accountable and insure I walk the walk as I discover and share ideas on the road to a more eco-friendly and creative lifestyle.  So as my former business partner of 20 years used to say, “its time to sink or swim”.

  1. qtma11 says:

    Wow Alison, this is really cool! Can’t wait to hear more!

  2. abproll says:

    OMG…looking forward to all the great ideas….good luck and may 2011 bring you much happiness.