It’s Enough To Make You Sick

Mar 2011

Early March and the FDA has confirmed that 80% of the antibiotics used in the US are used in animal agriculture.  Hard to believe right?? I was astounded by that number.

Photo by Emagineart {via flickr}

 All those super germs making the headlines-Stronger Strains of Flesh Eating Bacteria; Winter Colds From The Depths of Hell, YUP, a result of super bacteria mutating to maneuver their way around the antibiotics in our diet.

Yes, I know, I should have used a pig or cow for my illustration, as factory farmers are the main culprits, using the medication to fatten up their animals and in turn, fatten up our population.  Obesity anyone? But you get my drift.  And while the use of antibiotics in fish farms in the US has declined since the 1990’s, use in seafood from unregulated farms overseas has skyrocketed.  Those imports account for 70% of the seafood consumed in this country.  Eating  organic or Marine Stewardship Council Certified wild fish will guarantee its antibiotic free.
Photo by StevoArnold {via flickr}

More than 63,000 Americans die each year from bacterial infections acquired in hospitals that could no longer be controlled with antibiotics.  Obviously there is a place for this medication in the system to keep our food free from disease, but with those numbers so high, somewhere there is abuse.  Combine the overuse in the agribusiness with the over prescriped (i’m talking about that pink amoxycillan that so many of our fridges had in stock for a whole lotta ear infections- for example) and we really have a deleterious effect on the whole industry and population.  Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (no pun intended D-NY) is sponsoring a bill banning the use of antibiotics in livestock for anything other than illness.  I predict agribusiness will come out swinging as they did 30 years ago when they successfully defeated a similar movement.
I would hope to see the FDA step in and  establish more contol over this issue, and in the meantime, save your pennies so you can buy organic and join the Meatless Monday movement.  It will be one less day of unnecessary pharmaceuticals in your system. Otherwise-Open UP and Say AH………….

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