India Inspiration

May 2011

Its not as if one ever needs inspiration when traveling to India, but I’m in the midst of planning a group adventure next spring and OH JOY! The new Anthropologie catalog arrives filled with dreamy romantic photos of southern India and beyond. Get thee to an airport!

2anthro inside temple 3anthro girl boat

I’ve had the good fortune to travel here more than once and India is one of my most favorite places in the world.  Senses are assaulted with color and the scent of spices.  Cardamom, tea leaves, marigold, saffron.  Brilliant saris and decaying palaces. At the end of each day, you feel as if you could be wrung out with all the memories your mind has absorbed. Not sure I can wait ‘til 2012…..

{all images from Anthropoligie Catalog issue 5-2011}

  1. Joyce Wright says:

    Alison-Your Group trip sounds really interesting. How do I get more information?

  2. Joyce-send me an email @ and I will forward the details as soon as they are together.
    Thanks for your interest. Alison