In Honor of Veteran’s Day

Nov 2011

Going to visit an American War Memorial in Italy would normally not be on my to do list.  But I feel honored to have had the opportunity. There must be many memorials like this one around the world that are not on the normal tourist agenda, and this was a powerful and eye opening experience.   In honor of Veterans Day, I share these pictures with you.

The Florence American Cemetery and Memorial  sits on 70 acres about 10 miles south of Florence.  Buried on a dramatic sloping hillside are over 4000 of our Military soldiers, laid out in symmetrical curving arcs.  Most were killed in the fighting that occurred after the capture of Rome in 1944.  High atop a tall pylon is the Spirit of Peace watching guard over the graves.  The Tuscan sun rises and sets on what is a very moving tribute, and unfortunately, those white crosses, an all too common sight.  Viewing it in another country was a grim reminder of how intertwined the world and all of its actions are.

  1. Anonymous says:

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