I’m Swooning 4: Floral Mandalas

Jun 2012

Imagine stumbling across one of these beauties on your morning walk. It’s the kind of surprise that can take your breath away!

The Danmalas {the giver of garlands in Sanskrit} created by Arizonian Kathy Klein, are remarkable for their meditative quality and intricate beauty. Natural materials, blooms, leaves and organics in colors across the spectrum, form patterns, each one more astonishing than the last.

Kathy says of her work ” They are reflections of the inexpressible, a gesture which points towards life’s abundance, an unspoken verse of Love.”

The artist leaves her creations in the location where they were composed-a gift to all who are lucky enough to cross their paths, reminding us to take pleasure in the everyday gifts we receive.

Head over to Kathy’s web site to view more of her amazing creations.
Photo credit: All photos from Danmala.com