I’m Swooning 4-Blue and White

Aug 2012
I’m on a bit of a blue and white kick these days {as witnessed in my TOMS caper}. It feels so fresh to me in the summertime and these eco lovelies had me swooning this week.

This boro from Orime Textiles is divine. Vintage handwoven and handspun fabrics, some of indigo dyed cotton make up this futon cover. The gorgeous array of mending patches illustrates early up cycling techniques used in a simple and exquisite design.

Sweet dreams…Aegean bed linen in soft organic cotton from Toast. Inspired design from traditional Greek Island bed clothes brought to you by a company with a very strong ethical and environmental policy.

Learned factoid of the post via Toast: international cotton production uses only 2.4% of the world’s agricultural land, but accounts for 25% of the worlds pesticide consumption. One t-shirt can use 100-150 grams {1cup range} of pesticide to make. That’s a lot of toxins consumed in those stacks of t-shirts we all own!

I’m a sucker for clever packaging. This invigorating natural soap is made using mineral-rich sea salts according to a traditional Swedish recipe. It also lathers excellently for shaving and made in the US. Available from Joanne Rossman.
A great weekend to you!