Here’s The Buzz-John & Kira’s Chocolates

Aug 2011

 If you are ever lucky enough to receive one of these lovely packages in the mail-Holy Cow-hold on to your taste buds.  John and Kira’s  is a Philadelphia based source for the best seasonal chocolates you could ever want.

2bee chocolates
They focus on local ingredients and generously look at their tasty treats as a window into the stories of the farmers and suppliers behind their unique flavors. Aside from being almost too cute to eat, they have a killer flavor that will knock your socks off!  Should you ever need a special hostess gift, a bribe for a meeting with the ultimate boss, or just a seductive luxury for your better half, this is the chocolate to indulge the senses. Whomever is the lucky recipient will be abuzz after the first bite with the chocolate of their dreams…
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