Here Comes the Bride-Royal Redux {part 2}

Apr 2011

The royal couple has asked that charitable donations be made in lieu of gifts to a fund that will back five causes in areas ranging from Beatbullying to Earthwatch.  Kudos to them, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the town isn’t cashing in!  The interest in this event is just remarkable, and I will admit to joining my girlfriends for lunch tomorrow to take a look see at the pomp and circumstance on Tivo.  The swag continues, but you won’t need one of those tacky royal barf bags  when you take a look at what clever and well designed products I found on Etsy.  Talent is talent, no matter what the topic!

2Royal redux collage
Who was it that said, Let them eat Cake?  Luckily the only dead-heading going on these days is on the tulips in front of the castle! A. Delightful wedding cake toppers from SelinaLake.  B.Hand printed wedding platter from MisterrobC. Rustic burlap bunting from ShortersShopD.  Fabulous edible wafer paper crowns with edible glitter from Sweetdejavu.

3royal redux2 collage

For my royal luncheon I will wear a glitter crown from JanineBasil.  Center is an amazing papercut Royal Wedding Heart from GlynWestDesign.  I am blown away by the detail of her work.  Finally a glitter blue necklace from Littleaccessories , sure to make you feel royal.
What do you think of all this Royal Hubbub?? Have you found a favorite piece of swag?