Healthy Aging Exercise that Travels With You

Aug 2021

Now that travel is back on the horizon, I’m keen to maintain my fitness when on the road.
After arrival in a destination, whether it be from a road trip, train or plane travel, a good stretch will improve your mood and revitalize your energy.

woman doing warrior pose in a garden looking at computer

As I age, proper stretching is even more important for preventing injury. Ensuring a daily bit of exercise has become just as much a priority when I travel as remembering to pack my sunscreen and important travel documents.

Silver & Fit Online Exercise Class for Healthy Travel

woman in yoga pose

Earlier in the year, I was introduced to Silver & Fit  and their online fitness classes. There are many reasons why the classes clicked with me. Geared towards older adults, they stream on Facebook and their YouTube channel .

They offer 54 live classes per week for all levels of fitness (9/day-6 days a week). Classes are also available to stream at a time that works for your schedule. With the inclusion of dance, yoga, tai chi and cardio blasts, the offerings allow the viewer to change it up depending on how you’re feeling. One day you want to stretch, the next you need some high energy cardio. Take the class that works for you in the moment. Everyone can find 30 minutes in their day for a wellness break! Added perk-they are free!

When I first started the classes, I liked the variety of the exercise program. Some of the classes
were filmed in exotic locations and they transported me as I got back on the fitness train after a year of depressing news and isolation.

Travel and Healthy Aging

Now  I’m dusting off my passport and beginning to travel again. I want to make sure I stay injury free and maintain my fitness. My travel usually includes hiking or some outdoor activity. At the same time, a long plane or car ride gives muscles time to tighten up. As great as it is to be exploring new destinations again, I want to make sure not to pull anything by jumping in without the proper warm up. That is a recipe for a tired, achy trip.

The hotel’s garden was a perfect setting for my Silver & Fit  yoga class.

There are many options online for working out, but I prefer to stick with something I am comfortable with when on the road. My time is limited and I want a good reliable stretch and mindful experience.

On a recent getaway weekend to Maine, I knew stretching would be important before a long
hike I had planned. It was a great opportunity to take one of the Silver & Fit’s classes to loosen up after a five hour drive.

The temperature was perfect for taking the class outside in the hotel’s gorgeous garden. With a wide variety of classes to choose from, the only requirement was a strong wifi connection. If the wifi had been a problem, however, I could have connected to my smart phone’s hotspot.

Yoga for 50+ On the Road for Healthy Aging

woman beginning yoga class

I chose the International Yoga class with Kim. The setting for her class was just as beautiful as mine-Costa Rica. Like many of the classes I have taken, Kim is easy to listen to and very
welcoming. The class was just what I needed. Using the program demonstrated that when I
travel, Silver & Fit will be a good fit for my fitness needs.


Six days a week, viewers can join a live class from the early morning to late afternoon. In
addition, the classes are available on demand on YouTube. With the ever-growing
population of seniors with FB accounts, this makes access something many are familiar
with. Smart TV’s in hotels might have simple YouTube entry as well. I’d score the class
excellent for access. The classes are divided by category, making it easy to find the type
of exercise you are looking for.


woman saying namaste at the end of yoga class

A yoga mat takes up very little space, most of the classes are geared towards limited
space as well. As you can see, I moved my yoga mat outside and easily transitioned.
There would have been plenty of room at the foot of my bed if the weather had not
been so beautiful.

Fitness Level

Everything from low impact beginner cardio to an advanced fitness mixed workout to
test your endurance. Whatever your level of fitness, there’s an enjoyable workout
available. I quantify my level as upper mid-range. I’m an active senior citizen. For fun, I
suggested a beginner upper body workout for my Mom who is wheel chair bound. She
enjoyed the change of pace with her weights. Now that is indeed a broad range of

Additional Tips for Exercising on the Road

Drink lots of water

This is one of those universal tips that I keep on repeat no matter where I am. Staying hydrated is so important, especially when you are on a plane or exercising. I find that when traveling, my water intake can decrease dramatically. In the back of my mind, I’m always thinking about pitstops, if you know what I mean. I tend to drink less when on the road unless I make a special effort to replenish.

Raise Your Legs

I’m famous for elevating my legs when I travel. It’s even a restorative pose in yoga better
known as Legs Up the Wall aka Viparita Karani. This well-known posture improves circulation
and can provide much relief for lower back pain. I find it helpful for restoring energy. Focus on your breath and recharge…

Stretch for Healthy Aging

It is so important to continue to stretch as we age. Use it or looselose it as the saying goes. Get up and walk the aisles when you fly. Pull over at a rest stop when you drive. It will make a big difference to your health and your experience as we ease back into travel.


Please Note : This post is sponsored by Silver & Fit, an online fitness program for healthy aging. The experience is written from the author’s perspective without any outside influence.


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