Happy Mother’s Day

May 2013
Yes, it’s Mother’s Day. And if there’s anything that getting older has taught me, it’s that holidays are a time for reflection.  There is always something to be gained from looking inward. Nature vs nurture, it’s always a topic in our household.  How much can we influence, how much does the the gene pool count, and what about the surrounding environment.  What is the recipe that is shaken and stirred to spill us out into the being that we have become. 
I always like to listen to what people have to say, and then extract my own conclusions.  It’s a definite that my love of the shore, beach and ocean came from both my parents.  They have always loved being by the water and having us by their side. All of our vacations and down time was centered around the water, and that’s something that has affected each one of my siblings and  my children as well.
The travel thing with me is however a bit more complicated, and at lot more intense. It’s a subject that I have a real passion for, yet my sisters, not so much. When we were young, we were taken on many visits to get a taste of other cultures. The experiences might have been staged for the tourists in most instances, and we didn’t necessarily stray particularly far, but each time we traveled we were busy taking advantage of the surrounding activity, not just lounging on the beach.
My Dad might have instilled in me the desire to search deeper, for the spot off the beaten path. But I can thank Mom for something much more influential when it comes to travel.  You see when she was barely out of college, she went to Japan where my Dad was stationed to get married. Women just didn’t do that then.  All by herself, she traveled across the ocean, to a strange land, to follow her heart.  That was incredibly brave and I admire her so much for it.  Since that is where I was conceived, I’m sure my first international trip is responsible for my love of all things Asian, even if it was in the womb!

I’ve been lucky enough to have my parents visiting with me for the last few months, and that time can give you pause to look at a lot of different issues, especially when you are again transitioning in roles with the ebb and flow of life. Today I thought about that first trip I took, my Mom and I as one, and the circumstances surrounding it, thanking my Mother for giving me her sense of adventure.

Happy Mother’s Day!