Grilled Clams on Meatless Monday

Aug 2016

Our family getaway retreat on Nantucket is called Clamalot. We’ve been clamming for as long as I can remember. It was an activity we learned in the bay at Fire Island at the time most kids learn to ride a bike. Are you yearning to taste the summer season? Try some grilled clams.

Grilled clams to taste the season of summer.

Recently, we’ve been trying to pass the torch for opening the raw bivalves, a task easier said then done. Although I’m starting to get the hang of it, I recently discovered what can only be called a clam hack: grilled clams. I might never look back.

Opening littleneck clams

As you can see above, the “shucking” method is a labor of love and frankly i’m shocked that rusty hammer and funky cutting board which might even be a piece of clapboard haven’t been confiscated by the board of health. Tried and true will always be used to make our delicious clams casino, but all other recipes get the grilling method from here on in. It has to be the easiest solution that no one has ever talked about until now. Working best with the sweet juicy littlenecks, the larger clams can be diced and used in clam chowder, clam dip or baked clams.

Grilled Clams:

Scrub the clams well to remove any seaweed and sand. Store in the refrigerator until ready to cook. Place the clams on a hot grill and close the lid. The clams will steam themselves in their own juice and pop open after about 5 minutes. The clams definitely have a top and a bottom, but i’ll be dammed to figure out which is which. If they haven’t opened after the 5 minutes, flip them over and they will pop open and release in about 30 seconds. Shells are very hot!!!! Carefully remove the clams being careful not to spill the tasty juice which can be used for other recipes or just enjoyed in the moment. Squeeze lemon on top and indulge.

The clam before the storm on Nantucket during 4th of July weekend!

Linguine and clams with almonds and herbs

Linguine and clams photo via Bon Appetit

And just in case you want to make an entire meal out of all those delicious clams you’ve spent the day digging, this Linguine and Clams with Almonds and Herbs from Bon Appetit looks divine!