Grey Sky Inspiration for Interior Decor

Dec 2012
Grey, gloomy skies seem to go with the territory this time of year. Day after day of it can certainly effect your mood, and you can begin to understand what Londoners are talking about when they speak of an endless blanket of dreary covering their skies.

When bringing the color inside however, it can provide a soothing oasis for your decor. The color has all sorts of romantic handles: whisper, Nantucket grey, early frost, smoke&mirrors, chateau, and the list goes on and on…

An obvious place to begin is the walls. Benjamin Moore’s Color Stories Collection is a good starting point if you want the best. I have used this company’s paint in many of my renovations. Eco-friendly and safe for the environment, this particular group of colors is unique in that none of the formulas use black or white tint (that normally make up gray). The 5-7 pigments in each color give a depth and luminosity not usually found in the paint spectrum. Throughout the day, as the light changes, the color comes alive with undertones of brown, blue and green, a surprising amount of subtle gradation for the gray family.

I took a stroll around Pinterest for a variety of accessories and artwork to complement the gray palate.

Often called the chameleon of the color wheel, soothing shades of grey can do much to warm the spirit for the cold and gloomy days that are certainly ahead. Hmmm, I’m feeling better already!
Photos: Alison Abbott, Alison Abbott, Rough Linen, Fritz Hansen, The Barber Shop, Lucy Snow, Amber Alexander