Great Do-It-Yourself Pedal-Powered Snow Plow

Jan 2011


photo from Craig/Make

With another 12″ of snow predicted for tomorrow, I had to laugh when I read this story.  Not sure it would be any help with a big storm, but you gotta love this guys ingenuity!  Great Do-It-Yourself Pedal-Powered Snow Plow : TreeHugger:

“No Back-Breaking Shovelling, No Pollution
Make reader Craig submitted his DIY bike-based snow plow project: ‘The custom 3-wheel bike with sidecar was made years ago, a replica of a bike my childhood friend had. Last winter I added a snow plow accessory. Up to 1 inch of snow doesn’t make it worthwhile to fire up my big 8HP snowthrower. And shoveling my 90′ long driveway by hand can be too much. So my bike plow makes it easy to make a few runs up and down the driveway to make 2 or 3 piles that can then be easily hand shoveled off to the side.’
Craig left a comment giving additional details about his bike-based snow-plow:
The bike is a standard 10spd mountain bike with a steering wheel. One brake lever on the wheel, the second down on the frame. The ‘stick shift’ lever up front is for the rear deraileur which is the most used. Low gears 1-5 are what this beast needs because of the bulk, weight and efficiency. Front deraileur stick on the stem. The sidecar frame has 3 horizontal bars to it, welded with a rear cargo frame. I can connect my car utility trailer to it to move it around, even the 4 wheel garden cart. As kids we hauled an outboard, tackle boxes and poles to our boat on the flowage on a bike like this. My friend as a kid had a fuel oil burner on the side car as a hand warmer in winter.”