Gateway to India

Jan 2012

Nothing says welcome to India quite like The Gateway in Mumbai. Built in 1924 as a ceremonial disembarkation point for steamer passengers, it is also the spot the British chose to stage their final departure from the country in 1948.

Directly behind the Gateway stands the historic Taj Mahal Hotel. {more about the Taj to follow} Early morning the promenade along the water is filled with nothing more than a few walkers, pigeons galore and the boats bobbing in the water waiting to take the throngs of people out in the harbor later in the day. Mid day finds the area teaming with hawking vendors, families wanting to escape the cities heat and young couples hoping to escape the watchful eye of ever present parents.

We have our Statue of Liberty, and India’s own Arc de Triomphe is a monument welcoming visitors and residents alike to a country filled with a cacophony of sights, sounds and customs for all who are willing to embrace it.