Gary Hirshfield, Stonyfield and the Subject of GMOs

Aug 2013

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Gary Hirshfield, CE-Yo of Stonyfield Farms, and a small group of bloggers in Boston. He has an contagious  passion for his company and the organic food movement, and while I try to stay informed, the information he had to share with us seemed endless.

Gary’s commitment to the food movement runs deep, in fact he has stepped down from the day to day business of running Stonyfield and now works tirelessly to raise the profile of  organic foods in the American marketplace and have GMO’s {genetically modified organisms} labeled as such in our country.  He had more than a few eye opening statistics to share with the group.

  • 92% of Americans want labeling on GE foods.
  • More than 60 nations have GE labeling-the US does not.
  • The US approved GE crops more than 20 years ago, today more than 90% of the acres planted are made up of GE soy and corn.
  • By making genetically engineered crops resistant to herbicides, we find the industry using heavier chemicals than ever before.
  • We have a “legacy of Vietnam Vets who will be forever affected by Agent Orange,” {Hirshberg}  2,4-D , the less toxic half of Agent Orange is being used to help fight the new generation of super weeds.  Chemical drift is contaminating neighboring farms {and the air we breath}.
  • The record breaking number of signatures on the Just Label It campaign is a testament to the power of our collective voices.
GMO’s were first introduce to the US in 1996 with the Favr Savr tomato, genetically engineered to stay firmer longer on the marketplace shelves.  Not exactly a winning combination for anyone whose tasted the round red spheres pretending to be a member of the nightshade family.
I’ll be the first to admit that the subject of GMO’s is complicated with a lot of moving parts.  One thing I am perfectly clear about is the fact that I want to know the ingredients of what I am putting in my body, feeding my family and feeding my friends.  I wrote about Just Label It last week when talking about the cheese industry Having the chance to speak with Gary Hirshfield about the subject of GMOs and The Just Label It Campaign, it seems like such a simple question.  Don’t we have the right to know if our food has been genetically engineered?

Visit the Just Label It site and help spread the word.

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