Floral Arranging-Bringing the Outdoors in for the Holidays

Nov 2012
Last week I attended an afternoon of floral arranging inspiration hosted by Rochelle Greayer of Studio G and Roanne Robbins, both accomplished garden designers. The focus was on gathering treasures from nature to inspire your Thanksgiving table.

Held at Pinnacle Barn, about an hour outside of Boston, the structure was ideal for the event. Fairy lights, hay bales and a comfy sitting area for exchanging ideas set the tone for learning about flower arranging and native plants. Such a nice way to spend a creative afternoon, warmed by hot mulled cider and delicious treats. {did somebody say handmade marshmallows-yum!}

Rochelle welcomed the group to her cozy barn, that, from what I understand, had a bit of an extreme makeover in the last couple of days and was the perfect venue for the event.

Fellow gardener and author of Continuous Container Gardens, Roanne Robbins got us started on the basics of constructing a centerpiece. ‘ Think about your table, do you want a compact or meandering design? Incorporate different textures to add interest, and dissect little pieces away from a larger branch to add depth.’ Then it was time to get creative.

Rochelle and Roanne had been busy collecting the last of their garden beauty for us to use. We had also been encouraged to see what we could gather in our areas, so there was quite an abundance of natural materials. It was interesting to see such a variety of plants collected in the New England area.

Once we got started, it was all business and everyone was deep in creative concentration. I was especially enjoying my time because shhhh……i have harbored a secret fantasy to host my own workshops one day in my Nantucket space. It was great to see Rochelle successfully live out a dream of her own and start this new aspect of her business.

I must have been inspired by the fairy lights when I got started on my own centerpiece. It was light and airy, using pine greens, euonymus, Rose of Sharon pods, moss and birch bark. Once I get it on my table, I’ll be able to build it out using additional bark, moss and candles. I loved the way the pod held a little bit of floral treasure.

Using beautiful and fragrant natural materials, most readily available in your backyard or nearby woods, we honed skills, made new friends, and walked away with centerpieces to delight the senses. Rochelle and Roanne were the perfect hosts for what I’m sure was the first of many successful gardening events.