Floating Florals-Simple Enough to Change Your Day

Aug 2012
When I returned from India earlier this year, I was filled with inspiration of many colors. One of the ideas I have often used is the simple concept of floating florals. We saw it throughout our stay in the various hotels, temples and the smallest of homes; simple yet elegant placement of flowers that could be adapted by anyone in any part of the world.

I love the placement here of the smaller flower inside the larger. A thoughtful detail that really catches your eye.

An incense totem greets visitors in the lobby in Kerala.

Lotus blossoms at the Taj, Mumbai.

Bougainvillea artfully arranged.

Roses taking a dip in the pool.

Dahlias, {delicious} nasturtiums, zinnias and bachelors buttons make a colorful display in a metal tub.

Just a few scented roses fill a room with romance.

The effect is magical no matter if your display is large or small. One flower afloat in a favorite teacup can be enough to change your spirit throughout the day.