The Fleeting Artwork of Andres Amador

Apr 2012
A friend sent me photos today of a house she is building on Nantucket.  The view made me sigh and wish the ocean was in front of me on this bright and sun filled day! Then I stumbled across {the web has a way of making you stumble!}the artwork of Andres Amador, my energy was invigorated  and my day felt a whole lot better. 
The San Francisco based Amador uses small rakes to carve out the design in the sand.  I love the way he has incorporated the pooling of water around the rocks into his patterns. For him, the beach is the ultimate canvas.  “The environment prepares a new one for me each day, and there is never anything to clean up.”

The time consuming artwork is a fleeting treasure for the lucky few who happen upon it before the tide comes in.

Luckily, his photographs can allow us to live vicariously and enjoy the visual patterns that he and his team have worked so hard to create. My hope is that they have transported you too.  I can’t quite imagine putting that much effort into a project that would disappear so quickly.  But then again, that is an integral part of their beauty!

All photos from the artist Andres Amador.