First Impressions Burma

Feb 2014

Landing on a night flight into a country like Burma leaves room for lots of surprises in the morning. Traffic is minimal, and most of the city is closed tight as there is a 10 pm curfew for restaurants. This is a corner of Asia filled with contrasts and contradictions. Golden stupas are everywhere, and to some degree, you feel as if the clock has been turned back. Colonial architecture in various forms of renovation or decay are juxtaposed with buddha images and many residents who still wear traditional dress.


There is a welcome mat rolled out for tourists, but you need to come with an open mind. Internet is painfully slow and some major hotels don’t accept credit cards. Which means a lot of cash, and the bills need to be CRISP. This is a country of simples pleasures and if we take the time, I think we will be richly rewarded.


My senses are ready to take it all in and be awakened with the culture that is Burma