Feathering My Empty Nest

May 2011

A fresh coat of paint is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to change the look and feel of a room.  I looked to Benjamin Moore for inspiration with a new guest bedroom.  I’m a big fan of their Ben paint and use it on most of my projects.  Its low odor and low VOC {volatile organic compounds} and self priming on most surfaces.

Blue Seafoam #2056-60{room by Eric Prokesh}
2empty nest-asian
Everlasting #1038 {photo by John Bessler}
3empty nest blue 2
Aegean Teal #2136-40 {photo by Danny Piassick}
4empty nest grey
Sidewalk Grey #2133-60{photo by Mark Roskams}
5empty nest colors

Its so important to paint a large swatch {at least 2’X2’} of the color on paper that you can move it around the room.  With the small samples available, Benjamin Moore makes it easy and you will find that the color will change depending on the available light in the room. I’m leaning towards #2056-60 blue seafoam.  Its so calming and makes me think of the shore.  What is your favorite color in a bedroom?

{All room photos from Benjamin Moore Color Volume 4}