Extreme Makeover Fire Island Edition

May 2012
Last weekend I had a bit of my own reality tv show-like makeover when my sister and I were challenged to give a quick, very overdue facelift to a cottage on Fire Island.
Armed with a minuscule {$500.} budget and a whole lotta Benjamin Moore paint, we set off on a mission.
No, this isn’t the cottage, but I wanted to give you a view of our arrival to the island.
This, dear readers, was our challenge. And I don’t use the word challenge lightly! Remember that once we hit the ground running and got on island- there was no transportation except for one trip on a golf cart. Thank goodness for all those hockey duffles with wheels. We had to replace all the bedding, 3/4 of the pots and pans, a destroyed dresser and sleep sofa. Ikea flat pack was a life saver.
With 3 full days of work ahead of us, we started by separating everything into two areas, one for the dump, the other to re-use. You can imagine which pile was larger! 
The entire area of 700 square feet was coated with primer and Benjamin Moore #OC-117, Simply White. Ben is my favorite brand for a low VOC, high quality coverage.

We had one suitcase worth of new accessories to use and the rest was reshuffled from what we could recycle into the new space.

I think the results were light and airy, visually increasing the space and making everything look fresh.
Amazing what a difference a paint makes-right! {and a lot of elbow grease}
  1. I love this! Thank you so much for sharing. You made this place adorable! With only $500! Impressive and fun.

    • alison says:

      Quite a compliment coming from a renno expert such as yourself Suzanne. It was a quick hit and accomplished what we needed to get done.