Eco Friendly Wrapping-Bring the Outdoors In

Dec 2012

I’m so envious of anyone who can put Christmas to bed the week before and actually have some time to enjoy the holiday. Try as I might, it just doesn’t seem to happen in my house. There is always one more batch of cookies to decorate, present to make or most likely gift to wrap.

I did however opt for trying to green my wrapping again this year, and after taking to the yard with my shears, turned to Pinterest for some inspiration.

I love using newsprint-especially the financial pages of the Wall Street Journal and Asian papers I can pick up at the markets.

Try wrapping up herbs in small batches, like New Years poppers. Rosemary, sage and thyme with a cinnamon stick makes a aromatic, scented fireplace starter.

Butcher paper is great for a soft, earthy tone, as are brown bags from grocery stores. Trader Joe’s has bags this time of year with fun holiday designs incorporated.

Last years Christmas cards make excellent gift tags, as do these shipping tags that I decorated with my Print Gocco machine.

Some twine or raffia paired with strips of fabric you’ve recycled all make the perfect backdrop for natural finishing touches.

So don’t stress out about the wrapping. This simple solution will give you unique packages that have a personal touch and cost next to nothing to make.
I’ve given myself a Friday deadline-let’s see if I can make it this year!

Photo credits from top: Alison Abbott, Whole Living, Whole Living, Fancy Shance, Design Sponge, Pinterest, Alison Abbott, Everything Fab, SonjasVardag.