Eco Friendly Garden Rooms-A Space to Get Away From it All

Jan 2012

In.It Studios in the UK designs and produces modern, eco-friendly and bespoke Garden Studios, Offices and Artist Studios.  While many clients use them as a lovely, simple additional room for their home, others choose to have them constructed as free standing structures.  A little get away from it all space.

Garden-Room-Studio---London-30 2 garden-room---London-SK-43 3

The company combines design, aesthetics and efficiency to keep cost and materials quite reasonable.  Primary foam insulation boards and secondary thermoreflective foil membranes ensure the Garden Studios are fully insulated. An airtight fitted membrane is standard. Heating and Double Glazed windows make for a comfortable and enjoyable temperature all year round. With the option for WC’s, Kitchens or whatever your requirement may be – the Garden Rooms offer a high end contemporary garden space, utilizable for any purpose.


In.It Artists studio where creativity is sure to flow freely.

Garden-Room-Studio---Derby-28 4

Garden-Room-Studio---London-27 5

Whether it is an office, a gym, a music room or just a space to relax, the garden rooms can provide you with the perfect eco-solution. In.It has approached the design of the Garden Studios with sustainability running in parallel with aesthetics.  These sustainable living spaces come with features such as green sedum roofing, and timber from accredited sources, all without compromising  unique and contemporary design.

The compact space, although small in size, is more than adequate for 1 or 2 persons to work in comfortably.  Fully Insulated, heated and serviced to provide comfortable temperatures and usage all year round.

Your workplace {whatever type of work you might be doing}should be an inspiring, motivational space with adequate facilities to be at your most productive. This is certainly not your average garden shed, but a user friendly spot to be productive and enjoyable.  A great spot for coffee and the morning paper, your paint brush and easel, or the library of your dreams.

Photo credits: In.It Studios