Eatwith-A New Way to Break Bread When You Travel

Sep 2013
“One of the joys of traveling is experiencing cultures unlike our own. Being a guest in someone’s home is a great way to get an authentic local perspective in a different city or country.”

Since 2010, has been bringing this concept to reality.  Going to Barecelona, Spain? Buenos Aires, Argentina? Kamakura, Japan?  Choose from a number of home cooked local meals, enjoy an evening immersed in the culture of the great city, and meet some new friends.  All with a click of the mouse.  
I have had some amazing evenings in some wonderful restaurants around the world, but nothing compares to the intimacy of dining with a local host excited to share their personal stories of their culture. co-founder Guy Michlin experienced this on a family trip to Greece in 2010.  Invited into the home of a local family for dinner, Guy and his family enjoyed truly authentic Greek food, received tips on places to visit, restaurants where locals eat, and personal insight into their culture.  Three years later Eatwith is in 20 countries and growing. [Read more about Guy here]

“Most tourists won’t get a chance to meet the locals except maybe the Taxi driver, or the waiter in the restaurant, but Eatwith aims to change this.”  Eatwith Co-Founder Guy Michlin

Breaking bread together is an act of sharing and peace, and serves as the perfect medium for cultural exchange. We cook to bring people together. We cook to share stories and feelings, ideas and memories. Most of the time we eat with our family and friends, especially when travelling. But is working to change all that.  They offer a true community of giving and receiving.  Whether you are an avid traveler or are interested in hosting a meal for some new friends,  eatwith is the place to make it happen.