Eat Boutique Holiday Market-A Slice of Heaven for Lovers of Artisan Food

Dec 2012
Nothing like a little foodie nirvana to get you into the holiday spirit. This past Sunday I attended the Eat Boutique Holiday Market held at the Artists For Humanity building in Boston. First let me say I am a huge fan of AFH, and being in their LEED certified green building always makes me happy. Combine that with 30 local creatives selling their delicious products, 10 successful bloggers signing their cookbooks and a selection of wines and beer from Urban Grape, well-did you already hear me say it was paradise?!

Luckily, I had gotten a ticket to the preview, which let me into the event before the crowds swelled to capacity. I must admit I’m going to have a hard time parting with some of the stocking stuffers and hostess gifts I picked up. For me, a few of the many highlights were:

The lines to have cookbooks signed were around the block. It was thrilling for me as a blogger to see the popularity and success of these women. I picked up Aran Goyoaga’s long awaited Small Plates-Sweet Treats for a gluten free friend. The photos and recipes from the writer of Canille et Vanille are just too gorgeous, and I must get another copy for myself! In addition, it was fun to meet Joy Wilson, of Joy The Baker fame. She is just as lovely and unassuming as you’d expect after reading her blog.

Although everything I sampled was mighty good, the taste treat of the day was Nutting Farm’s Maple Creme. It’s been so hard to keep myself from opening the jar of rich, creamy, silky smooth deliciousness. My taste buds are working just thinking of the maple flavor. Best get that one wrapped {with loads of tape} STAT!

Tasting oysters from Island Creek is always a treat. Briny, smooth and tasting like they were just plucked from the ocean, I’ve decided that along with filleting fish, I have to learn how to shuck oysters in 2013. From their web site, you can ship a dozen anywhere in the country. That would certainly be an unexpected gift.

This summer I was introduced to Royal Rose’s Syrup. For a gal who likes her cocktails full of flavor, this was a real find! The syrups are crafted in small batches from natural and organic ingredients. Combined with a bit of spritzer, they make a refreshing drink. Over ice cream they shine, and mixed into a libation….well, what can I say? My favorite flavor was the rose, which immediately transported me back to a riad with lots of floor cushions in Marrakech. Lets just say rose petals were involved. Meeting owners Forrest and Emily was great, supporting a product you like means so much more when you can put a name with a face.

As I look at some of the handmade food I collected, I realize what a successful event the market was for introducing small batch, regional independent food producers. In a few short years, Maggie Battista has built Eat Boutique into the go to spot for keeping abreast of the area’s au courant food artisans. I can’t wait to see what’s next.